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What makes customers continue to browse an online store after landing on it? The answer is obvious — an eye-catching theme. If your landing page can’t attract customers’ attention in the first few seconds, they will hardly continue shopping. Moreover, a well-designed theme will help not only to catch the attention of online shoppers but improve user experience as it must include intuitive search and navigation features, be fast, feature-rich, mobile and SEO-friendly. How to choose a top Magento theme among hundreds of offers on the Net? In this article, I’ll show you the best Magento themes in 2021.

Criteria for Choosing a Top Magento Theme

Before purchasing a theme for your Magento website, you must evaluate its performance, built-in features to meet your  business needs and specifics. Furthermore, you have to check whether it’s compatible with your current Magento version, installed extensions and custom functionality. Here’s a list of criteria that will help you to distinguish a top Magento theme  among hundreds of themes available on the market.

Visuals & UX Design

There’s no doubt that visual effects and design are one of the most important aspects of any theme. According to the UK Web Host Review 59 % of users prefer attractive website designs. That’s not a big surprise as attractive themes make a lasting impression on online shoppers. In addition to visuals, you should be focusing on UX choosing a template for your website. A top Magento theme should have an intuitive navigation to help customers browse through your store with ease (e.g., back to top button, search bar, shopping icons and other functionality).


Magento has one of the best built-in SEO functionality among all eCommerce platforms, so you’ll be noticed by Google anyway. However, search ranks depend on the way you code and build links. That’s why a top Magento theme should also have built-in SEO features to help you boost traffic and get higher ranking positions.

Loading Speed

According to Google’s study 53 % of users never come back to a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A top Magento theme should be not only feature-rich but lightweight to attract more customers and make their shopping experience smooth.

Browser Compatibility

Customers use different devices and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others at different times. A top Magento theme should perfectly work across all browsers, so don’t forget to check it beforehand. Browser compatibility helps to hit an audience faster and make your eCommerce website famous worldwide.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to Statista, 54,8 % of all organic traffic comes from mobile devices. A top Magento theme should be optimized for every device online shoppers can use starting from tablets to smartphones to provide the best shopping experience. Fortunately, most of Magento themes provide this feature so it won’t be a big pain for you to find a mobile-friendly template for your online store.

Social Media Features

Social media integrations are a must for any Magento theme. They help to share promotional content, updates, information about latest products via numerous social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will help to stay your customers connected around the world, boost brand awareness and loyalty. Moreover, this functionality helps to get direct feedback on your products or services, answer customer questions and more. Social media makes it easy for people to identify your brand and promote it.

Top Magento Themes 2021


The theme has been a top Magento theme for years. It’s easy in installation, has well-designed demos and suits numerous business industries like apparel, electronics, sport equipment, accessories and others. Porto is 100 % mobile ready and can provide excellent user experience for all users no matter which device they use for shopping.

Main features:

  • Compatibility with the best extensions for Magento. The theme works well with the extension developed by Amasty, Mageplaza, Magegiant and others.
  • Speed optimization. Porto offers an exclusive speed optimization wizard only for the theme.
  • Top-notch support. 24/7 support with the average response time of 14 hours.
  • Feature-rich design functionality. Multiple headers, different sliders, numerous category pages and a vertical mega menu. Moreover, all the elements are highly-customizable.

porto-theme-768x421-1 How to Choose a Top Magento 2 Theme in 2021?


A truly eye candy theme that has all the must-have features of a top Magento theme. 20 + demos for various industries provide store owners with all the options to create an astonishing website design (blog posts, portfolio, store locator layouts, and many more useful pages). Claue perfectly suits any eCommerce store and has everything to skyrocket your online business.

Main features:

  • Powerful admin panel. Set up width, font, background, custom fonts and styles.
  • Variation swatches.  Swatch product attributes with color, size or any other attribute.
  • Instagram shop. Sell your products via your Instagram Feed.
  • 360 image view. Let customers view your products in 3D. 
  • Fast speed. 


An eye-catching theme with a solid arsenal of popular add-ons. It includes 20 cost-saving and supportive extensions that will help your online store to skyrocket. The possibilities Eren treats you to are close to endless: feature daily deals, start a blog, create a neat header and show the brand you carry with a smooth slider. Moreover, it has a clean and fully optimized design for all devices starting from PC to smartphones and tablets.

Main features:

  • Ajax search module. Advanced ajax search bar with live search suggestions.
  • Fully responsive design. All the functions of your online store will be available on all devices: desktops, smartphones, ipads, tablets, etc.
  • Quickview. A module that displays product information in a lightbox when customers click on the “Quick View” icon by hovering over a product image. Provide customers with convenient and seamless user experience.


With this theme you can launch any online shop you want. Everything offers 50+ themes and demos among which you can find health, garden, fashion, baby and other shops. The theme includes even niche layouts like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc. Pick the style you want, customize it to your preferences, fill the store products and press a button. Everything is one of the most easy-to-go yet powerful themes on the market.

Main features:

  • Visual page builder.
  • Ajax shopping cart. 
  • 24/7 support. 
  • Great layer navigation.
  • Product labels. 


Don’t Know Which Theme Will Suit Your Business the Best?


A top Magento theme for multiple-category stores with numerous brands and product items. The theme perfectly suits online marketplaces, supermarkets, digital websites, cosmetic shops, etc.  Moreover, it’s one of the best themes when it comes to mobile responsiveness. This theme includes a number of Magento 2 modules such as MegaMenu, SM Tab Listing which allows displaying product one by one according to its categories and other top modules.

Main features:

  • One-click importer. Click on an import button to have any pages with sample content from the demo.
  • Ajax shopping cart. 
  • Fully mobile responsive layouts. 


One more top Magento theme that comes with more than 15 demos such as fashion, grocery jewelry, sportswear, kids store and more. The theme provides a drag & drop builder to create useful menus, arrange categories and products, and more. Furthemore, Fastest gives the opportunity to browse products with hover zoom and apply product attributes with Ajax layered navigation. It’s worth mentioning that this theme is called Fastest for a reason. It’s one of the most lightweight and fastest themes you can find on the market.

Main features:

  • AJAX SEO multi select layered navigation. 
  • Drag & drop page builder. 
  • Rich blogging functionality. 


One of the most minimalistic but yet powerful Magento themes on the market. The theme lets your eCommerce website fully focus on your products before anything else. Attractive and neat design highlights products and the intuitive interface helps customers easily find any product they need. Moreover, Unero includes top Magento 2 modules such as store locator, daily deals, advanced reports, quick view and others. The theme is designed to bring customers to things they want to buy from you.

Main features:

  • Tons of built-in extensions.  Ajax Fly Cart, Mega Menu, Store locator, Daily deals, Advanced reports, Quick view, Shop by brands and more.
  • Neet and minimalist design.
  • Page builder.
  • Instagram shop.
  • Mobile-optimized design.


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