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The credit card processing for small business choice always depends on a wide range of details, which has a connection with every merchant’s personal model of work. There is no one common solution about the «pick up» question, but through the years of experience, it is possible to combine best recommendations which can bring the result. This article was made special for someone who wants to make the right decision about credit card processing.

Principles of Choosing the Right Payment Provider

  • Flexible rules and conditions

Every merchant should be sure that the credit card processing fees and other angles of their work could be done on his own conditions. It means that everyone should have an opportunity to adjust rules and make them being perfect for his own business. In a world which is full of choice, nobody should tolerate uncomfortable conditions.

  • Real company’s experience

Newcomers are not the best decision in case if we talking about the best choice in the credit card processing companies question. The thing is that low fees and comfortable conditions are always the results of hard work. It is impossible to offer the best conditions on fast growth market just because of the huge competition (if you are a newbie).

  • Real reviews

Do not believe reviews that is possible to find on the certain company’s website – they are probably fake. The search should be done on the independent places, where it is impossible to buy someone’s opinion.

  • Information should be full

The client should know everything about credit card merchant fees and other details of their future relationships. It is unacceptable to give the agreement for something that is not 100% clear. Each tries to hide the information always means that the company has own dark side. Transparency is the best line which can connect two sides.

  • Company’s value

The merchant should know everything about the company he is trying to work with and its future. Plans are something that makes other people understands the opportunities of business relationships.

  • Good stuff

In case if someone is trying to hide his face and offer some business solutions, it would be not the best way to support your ideas. Learn everything about CEO, CTO, other team’s members, and their experience.

  • Certain specialization

It is important to learn everything about support which company may offer. In case if it is concentrated on another turf, not on small business, it would be better to find another opportunity.

Comparison of Credit Card Processing Companies

Now it would be important to make a comparison of available and pretty popular opportunities with detailed information about credit card processing fees and other features. Such kind of visual support will show the way to find conditions that fit every single merchant.

Company Fee per transaction
Amazon Payments 2.90% 2.90%
Braintree 2.90%
Cayan 0.50% and additional + $0.15
CDGCommerce Swipe 0.25% – 0.30%
Dharma 0.20% – 0.25%
Fattmerchant $0.06 – $0.08
Intuit GoPayment 1.60% – 2.40%
National Processing 0.20% and additional + $0.10
PayHub Interchange Plus 0.40% – 2.79%
PayJunction 0.75%
Payline Data Shop 0.30% – 0.50%
Payment Depot Basic 0%
PayPal 2.70% – 2.90%
Shopify 2.40% – 2.50% – 2.70%
Spark Pay 1.99% – 2.65%
Square 2.75%
Stripe 2.90%
WePay 2.90%

The additional condition’s analysis shows the information about opportunities to use these services in own business and it looks like this:

Company Best Solution for
Dharma Merchant Services Small business with the high volume of sales
Dharma/Square Restaurants
National Processing For the large one business with a wide turf of communication and offers
Payline Data For a business which depends on high risks offers
PayPal Small business with a low volume of sales
Square For a business which is based on mobile processing
Stripe Online business which concentrates on web sales

It is important to learn that credit card processing for small business conditions includes a lot of details. During the choosing process, it is important to pay attention to additional rules and costs, because sometimes 0% includes something more, for example, some rules that bring an opportunity to use this certain fee.

  • Your business definition

Before someone should start own research of processing company’s market, it would be important to identify own needs. It means that merchant should make an observation of own business in a goal to realize which conditions are going to be perfect in his situation.

  • Make the decision about own future

It would be important to realize next periods of your company’s evolution. The thing is that processing should be flexible because sometimes it is not easy to guess what would be the real direction of the next projects. But anyway, in case if merchant knows what does he need, it always makes the choice easier.

  • Concentrate attention on online processions

That is not a secret that business depends on new technologies and today the best solution for every merchant is to follow online sales growth. It means that even in case if your business has a weak connection with this turf, it depends on attention in any case. It would be a strategic step forward.

  • Pay attention to mobile payments

Customer’s life rhythm is becoming fast. It means that people searching for methods to spend their money in a fast, cheap and comfortable way. Mobile processing is the next generation of sales and merchants should know that.

Bottom Line

The thing is that most of the credit card processing for small business already found their own clients and the best approach for their services. Modern business can’t be weak, because in that case competitors will erase it from the surface of the planet. As the result, companies are trying to combine best solutions in a goal to present the best conditions for their customers, but sometimes offers can’t fit someone. It is important to remember, that we live in a world which is full of opportunities and small preparation will open the way to find the best credit card processing for small business.