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Cart abandonment is a real headache for eCommerce stores, which costs merchants hundreds of billions of dollars. If your customers leave your website on the checkout page, you should consider optimizing it as soon as possible. In this article, you’ll find some checkout optimization tips that may make your customers complete their purchases better.

Checkout Optimization Tips to Boost Conversion

Reduce the Number of Checkout Steps

You need to understand that users holding their plastic cards in their hands are very rational. The slightest checkout detail they don’t like can make them return the card to their wallet and leave your site. The most important thing that you should understand from this article is the following:

  • If you want users to buy, you need to make the checkout process as simple and easy as possible.

Now repeat this mentally several times.

There have been several studies showing that one-page checkout results in higher conversions. You might argue that a one or more pages discussion is counterproductive if you ignore audience characteristics.

Let me disagree with you. No matter what kind of people make up your audience, none of them would prefer a more complex checkout process. No one. If you limit the number of clicks and simplify the process, you’ll be head and shoulders above most of your competitors. And there is no better way to prove this than doing A/C testing.

Here’s a list of top One-Step Checkout extensions for Magento 2 to increase conversion.

Guest Checkout

Guest checkout is a perfect feature for online stores selling one-and-done products and services. It is beneficial for customers who shop online once or twice a year, perhaps during the holiday season. These customers don’t want to take extra steps to create an account for their occasional purchases. 

Guest checkout benefits: 

  • Faster checkout process
  • Eliminates extra steps to finish a purchase
  • Entices buyers with a low level of trust who don’t want their card details stored 

Optimize Filling Forms

No one wants to deal with enormous forms, being ready to purchase something sitting with a plastic card in hand. Ask only the most essential information like name, shipping, payment details, etc. In Europe, for example, it is generally illegal to request additional information from users. No pet names, hobbies, and other useless information.

In addition, you need to optimize your forms for mobile devices.
Keep in mind that most purchases come from mobile. If your online store lacks responsiveness, you won’t be able to make as many sales to mobile users as you could.

Add Micro-Interactions

Visible micro-interactions can be critical to a successful eCommerce business. For example, always inform the user that they have added an item to their cart. You would be surprised to find out how few sites do this job well.

Don’t get me wrong, most of them try to communicate this to the user, but it doesn’t always work as well as it should. It should be as obvious as possible that an item is in the cart.

When users add an item to their cart, they land on the checkout page as soon as possible. However, don’t force them to do so. If they want to continue shopping, let them do it. Keep in mind that the checkout page should always be one click away.

Persistent Shopping Cart

If a user added something to the cart but still did not place an order, it would be very foolish to limit the duration of the item in the cart or empty it when updating. Research shows that if you persist and use retargeted ads, many users will come back and follow through with the buying process. Moreover, they may even be glad that you reminded them of this. After all, the reasons for leaving the site can be very different.

Some may be unsure about the price, while others may have added an item to their cart in the middle of a busy day and just forgot to checkout. You cannot know this. Reminding a user to pay for an item will not harm anyone.

Bottom Line

eCommerce is about much more than just having a wide variety of products to sell. People are so different that it’s impossible to sell your product to everyone. We hope these little tips will help you improve your conversion rate by a few percent. It might not seem like a lot at first, but remember that even a 1% increase in conversions can generate significant revenue if you have a large online store.


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Dmitry Yatskevich

Dmitry Yatskevich

Head of Sales at Mobecls and eCommerce consultant with over 20+ years of experience, which he uses to help online retailers take their business to the next level.