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Magento is a well-known e-business program. The platform has reached a turnover above $ 160 billion in total products sold. Today, Magento 2 is considered the most frequently used CMS for creating online stores around the world, due to its powerful deployed structure.

Why Choose Magento 2

Magento 2 has compatibility with advanced technologies of our time, such as PHP 7, which means faster loading (compared to Magento 1).
Magento 2 drives up to 10 million page views in 60 minutes.

  • Easy accessibility to create additional site resources using subdirectories and design types.
  • A simple guide panel. It is very convenient for the interface, the development of goods, the direction and cleaning of data.
  • Enjoyable shopping process. The ease of ordering, which is extremely important for smartphones, as well as multifunctional search.
  • Deployment and modularity of the system, which allows the expansion of Magento 2 to fully fit their needs.
  • The scale of the system, which includes more than 350,000 developers and an energy resource from more than 1,500 qualified technical solutions specialists.

Best Magento 2.0 Themes


Popular and paramount theme Magento 2. The subject of a very costly solution, but it has a great range of services. This is an excellent shopping experience, but also extremely safe and user friendly. Contains a variety of extensions, so it’s easy to get around conflict points between third-party units. In addition, the Magento 2 was approved on the trading platform of Magento theme customization. Pearl developed on the basis of the requirements and the dominant principles of best practice Magento, and allows the user to prevent erroneous actions.

The standard package has a cost of $ 300 and contains functional solutions:

  • designer pack of pearlescent shade.
  • The important updates.
  • Background information.
  • Clock support by e-mail.
  • Free unpacking.

Package for $ 499 includes the functions of:

  • Information block Instagram
  • The dashboard for Google webmaster
  • Access Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph
  • SEO business promotion
  • Cryptographic Protocol for secure Internet connections.

Package for $ 999 and includes functional elements:

  • design settings based on the template of the main page.
  • Transaction processing.
  • Test purchase PayPal QA
  • Up to five hours of personal development
  • The location of the delivery at the prescribed rate.

UB Sportsgear Magento 2

The leading sign on this subject is a flat design option. The appearance of the template is very unique, which is very important for the positive impression of the customers of the store. Also, this is a simple, but attractive layout of advertising posters, which is a necessary element for purchases.

The theme has to use sportswear and equipment, fitness and sports accessories.


  • dynamic viewing – will help the visitor to view product information without leaving the menu page.
  • Shopping cart. Without leaving the basket, the buyer can change the quantity of goods, remove them from the basket, empty it, making purchases further.
  • Versatile directions. Potential customers will be able to customize the product selection function.
  • Product cover. Buttons for selecting basic information: popularity, rating, price increase or decrease).
  • Support from mobile device. An important component of the foundation of any online platform. Sportsgear Magento 2 just supports such software.

UB 2 Kidsland Magento Theme

Great app to create a store that provides baby clothes. Here everything is simple. After theme installed, Magento 2 is ready for use.

The main page is colorful, which is primarily remembered by a visitor. It is the universal menu list and filters. In the cart you can change product quantity, change the size. Easily leave feedback without leaving the main page.

UB Bookstore Magento 2 Theme

The template is designed specifically for stores selling books. The home page is a colorful theme. The presence of megamension, allows you to easily switch between filters, applying in the search image. The page does not require reloading, therefore, viewing the selected product is extremely simple and fast. Also, the buyers’ attention is attracted by the label located on the product. It contains information about promotions and special offers.

UB Mago Magento 2

Using the selected template, you can create a superior fashion clothing store. The theme is presentable and has the necessary functions in order to promote the business without additional blocks Magento 2.

The cover of the catalog is intuitive and easy to use, visitors easily move through the items using the listing or the net. Additional buttons help to set the desired view position, sort by price range.

UB Megamall Magento 2

It is not easy to create a unique and promising e-business supermarket. This site should be clear in all directions, not overloaded with unnecessary details. Template UB Megamall Magento 2 just can solve this problem.

The platform page is in changing content, therefore, a large selection of products is presented to visitors at the same time.

Megamension tools allow you to view products without leaving the main page. All information about the selected product is presented in a pop-up window.

UberTheme Crafts Magento 2

Premium class theme, great for shops of branded goods, jewelry, accessories.

The presence of the Magento 2 megapixel extremely simplifies the direction of choice, and the built-in extension element allows you to place thematic images to attract more customers.

The built-in filter allows you to view products using the pop-up tab, without leaving the main page.


The theme features a unique and multi-tiered platform. Function menu attracts a large number of visitors. The platform can be viewed from any device that has Internet access. Functional filter products, making finding the shop a very pleasant one.

GrailWibo – Magento 2 Theme For Electrical Tool Store

The template can be used as a platform for an online store representing the sale of various electrical equipment.

And obviously, the premium Magento 2 theme should include Megamenu. Since the GrailWibo Magento 2 template is not an exception, you can easily create the most convenient navigation through all possible menu options.

Also, you can apply labels on products, informing about seasonal promotions, sales and special offers. GrailWibo supports a terrific menu filter that provides easy access to viewing products.

An important category is the news site and support in different languages.

Bistro Magento 2

If you to open a store for preparation and delivery of food, the theme Deliatte Magento 2.

Page contains an attractive appearance, simple but nevertheless reliable interface. Also, the important point is to support mobile devices.

Visitors must observe not only high quality, unique images of stunning dishes, but also easily find what they wish to purchase.

The second very important requirement is related to the overall shopping experience. Please note that people should not only see stunning photos of various dishes but also be able to easily find and buy what they are looking for.

UX/UI Design Services for Magento

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