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Seamless shopping experience is highly important for online stores that focus on B2B services. All businesses value clear communication and offers, choosing a partner for long-term cooperation.  Moreover, if an online store wants to keep deals with big buyers for longer, store owners need to offer enticing conditions for procurement of goods.

B2B Pains:

  • Customers don’t have enough money at hand but need goods right now
  • It takes lots of time and costs for settling every single invoice
  • Inventory management


Company Credit for Magento 2

Extension From BSS Commerce

Implement a Trade Credit payment method that allows businesses to purchase goods without paying cash up front, and paying you at a later scheduled date.


  • Trade Credit option at checkout
  • Credit dashboard for tracking credit details
  • Enable/disable credit limitations
  • Built-in email templates both for customers and store admins
  • Multi-currency support

Company Credit Benefits

  • Improved cash flow through better financial planning
  • Save time and costs for settling every single invoice
  • Record credit transaction details
  • Increase sales from interested customers
  • Improve customer loyalty and shopping experience
  • Improved inventory planning and reduced warehouse costs

Need to boost B2B sales and shopping experience?

B2B Company Credit Installation

Configuration and Front-End Customization

Starts from $150
Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

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