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Every professional businessman knows that the best idea to bring a new life to his online shop hidden somewhere in his imagination (even if we are talking about high demand products to sell). Most people always searching for something fresh in simple turfs, like the experience of the past, in a goal to continue with “All new is well overlooked old”. Such approach has already died because the customer wants you to surprise him. Today we are going to present you some ideas to bring a new fresh wave into you “what to sell online ideas” thoughts.

What to sell online: ideas on the basis of psychology

If you want to sell something quick it is important to understand all the lines of mechanisms and features customer’s mind use before making the decision. First of all, it must be clear that goods should create some special emotions and feelings. It means that seller should create a kind of connection between them. The description is an example of this task – it makes a customer understand why he needs to buy this stuff and how it could be used in his entire life. So the idea is that it doesn’t matter what is the actual kind of unique products to sell online seller wants to use in his business (it could be even high demand products to sell) – the approach he follows in his business is much more important.

1 – Involving of your customer as the “what to sell online ideas” alternative

The emotional bridge between seller and customer could be created with another approach – involving. It is possible to create circumstances for the commercial creation of something on the basis of online-shop opportunities and buyer’s imagination & wishes.

For example, we are talking about the simple online shop. The main goods are lighting appliances. It is possible to offer a classic scheme: purchaser searching for something, reading the descriptions and after that making the decision. It is too simple and already become to be a part of a daily routine. But in case if the merchant will offer new function – self-creation of lighting appliance, it could change the whole business. The scheme could be like:

  • A customer found the lamp he wants (it could be other simple or unique products to sell online).
  • After the click, it would be possible to open a special graphics editor with own functions of bringing changes into the design of chosen high demand products to sell.
  • When customer already brought all the changes he needs, the merchant will make an order.

Now it would be important to take a look inside the psychological explanation of this approach:

  • when the customer already took a part into the process of creation, he already becomes to be involved inside the work;
  • it means that this purchase already has a piece of his soul – it makes this lamp being more desirable.

Now the commercial benefits of this “what to sell online ideas”:

  • Such approach reduces the number of refusals (even in high demand products to sell turf). The thing is that expectations now are covered with the desire to see the final result of collaboration. Something that customer made with own hands always better up-takes by him. It could be explained by decreased self-criticism. As the result, low percentage of the refund.
  • Most customers always can’t find 100% perfect goods. Even in case if something almost perfect, the design features or maybe problems of the combinations with other stuff could bring doubts. In case if someone knows that it is possible to take the basics and mix it up with own expectations, it brings confidence. As the result – no more doubts and problems with long search – everything could be done with the help of this simple decision.
  • Involving could open another benefit – try another profession. Even if we are not talking about someone who was dreaming of the career in fashion, designer experience always can be fun. It is like a kind of next stage of online shopping – no more boring. That is why most customers will use this opportunity which was used by the merchant as the unique products to sell online technique.

As you can see, the new approach can solve the “what to sell online ideas” problem with a bringing of amazing benefits. It is a kind of way to mix up an old-fashioned scheme with fresh ideas in a goal to change online shopping for better.

Technologies you need to use inside these what to sell online ideas

The idea of involving through communal work depends on special opportunities. First of all, the seller should know that edition would be possible only with the help of the special program, which includes the 3-d graphic. It should include:

  • models of available lighting appliances (in high demand products to sell area it would be a wide list of models to satisfy client);
  • interior models;
  • variations of colors and textures.

By the way, it is important to have an opportunity to upload new models, to keep the unique products to sell online idea being grown. Such approach should be domestic – to make customer imagine how his purchase will look like in real life. It would be perfect to bring an opportunity to upload the buyer’s interior and combine the entire work on it.

2 – When a picture comes alive: another one of “what to sell online ideas”

It is a pretty common situation when someone found the perfect picture of the interior of his dream on internet. The best idea is to save the file and remember how the stuff looks like. Everyone knows that it is a small chance to find the same at a furniture store. As the result, something that could become to be an embodied dream hides under the pressure of harsh reality. That is not fair even because most of that thing is pretty easy to make. That is another unique products to sell online topic.

Imagine, what if it is would be possible to take a picture of something and ask to create the same goods?! Such practice already exists but it is not so popular, because it is not the lead direction of work. Most companies use their opportunity of something’s creation only as the addition (especially in high demand products to sell area). The main point of this idea is to make things come alive as the profile of the business.

The Dream Maker Business

The idea of “dream maker” business in “what to sell online ideas” question sounds pretty wild. The thing is that such approach depends on commercial connections with a wide range of merchants. In case if that would be business which is concentrated, for example, on interior design items, the team should include such members as:

  • consultant (to identify the opportunity to create something that customer wants in unique products to sell online turf);
  • designer (someone who can create a 3-d model of the future item in a goal to make customer understand the real visual characteristic because sometimes angle or something else on the picture can change the perception and make even high demand products to sell looks in another way);
  • manager (the person who can keep the links with manufacturers and create new business relationships in order to make opportunities wider).

It is important to understand that sometimes expectations of unique products to sell online could be not the same with real opportunities. The thing is that the picture could be created with the help of a graphics editor. The team should discuss all the details of future creation in a goal to find the best way to revive it.


The Process of Work

In case if we are talking about online shop, it would be important to understand that lack of real connection should be offset by messengers or calls. Distance work can help to hide the unpleasant reality of the process: hard search of manufacturers, discussions etc. But it doesn’t mean that “online” status brings opportunity to ignore the most important part of the business – customer’s expectations. It is possible to use the next scheme for this “what to sell online ideas”:

  • Customers can have the connection with the team on the platform of own website.
  • The online page should include examples of work – it is a kind of way to express your business and show how close their dreams could be.
  • After consultant got an order, he should realize, is it possible to provide this deal or not (for example, if a customer wants something that is impossible to create without special equipment or something, he should know about that ASAP). The consultant should know everything about opportunities to explain roadmap and costs of high demand products to sell and other items.
  • In case if consultant already received confirmation of the opportunity to provide this order, it comes a time to work. The customer should be informed about production time.

Fact! High level of experience and effective transfer could solve the problem of manufacturer’s lack. It means that the dreams maker studio could situate anywhere and manage own business on distance. Don’t forget that unique products to sell online depend on special decisions.

  • When the item is ready, it comes a time to deliver. This point should be discussed with a customer too because some delivery services work on special conditions and can offer faster ways.


It is possible to change the approach or add something new in business to make people believe in your “what to sell online ideas”. The only one thing everyone should remember – do your best and find your own style.