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The e-commerce industry seems to never stand still. The constant rapid growth has become an inseparable part of it. According to the latest surveys, around half of the sales in stores are conditioned under digital e-commerce. The latest e-commerce trends come to prove that losing your chance of getting in touch with your potential clients online is fraught with losing about half of the annual revenue. And this year, too, new significant trends in the e-commerce industry are expected to rule the market. Which recent trends in e-commerce can influence your business? Let’s find out it together.

Most Recent Trends in Ecommerce Industry

Running an efficient marketing campaign is simply impossible without coordinating your steps with the demands of the time. Keep up with the times, follow the most recent trends in the e-commerce industry brought forward by the industry specialists, work harder and watch your business prosper. Here we’re going to turn to the latest mobile e-commerce trends, as well as e-commerce technology trends others.

Mobile Primary

Mobile purchasing is known to steadily grow just along with the purchases made through smartphones. It’s estimated that around 62% of mobile phone owners have made at least one payment with their devices during the past half year. And the new mobile e-commerce trends show this number will reach 70% by the end of the year at the minimum. Such amenities as face recognition and fingerprint, as well as facilitated one-touch payments, reliable applications and the upgraded security of payments, have assisted in this tremendously.
So, the latest e-commerce trends distinctly show mobile phones are going to be prioritized.

Technology Trends

When discussing the recent trends in e-commerce, we can’t but mention the massive shift in retail registered in the few past years. This brings forward a more tense competition, and hence a lower cost of entry into the virtual world. The latest e-commerce technology trends presume to implement techs for saving time on manual data entry and packaging. As the latest trends in e-commerce industry prove, it’s really worth investing in some new tools and integrations to take care of many important and time-consuming elements while you concentrate on business development and marketing.


The most recent e-commerce technology trends allow companies to offer their clientele both augmented reality and virtual reality testing options for their products. If one had to rely merely on the virtual appearance of a certain product before, today they can already enjoy the 3D options of products. For instance, the world-known IKEA brand allows to place 3D products into your home and see how it will fit into the interior. The home and interior design reputable company Houzz, meanwhile, stated the latest e-commerce trends with AR in particular significantly increased the chances of acquiring new clients (by 11 times).


The latest trends in e-commerce industry imply the exploitation of Chatbots – programs for simulating conversations with clients. Taking into account the huge number of people using online messengers (with 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger alone), it’s sensible to make use of these mobile e-commerce trends.
For instance, the American pizza restaurant Domino’s uses its already popular Dom Messenger bot for full-menu ordering. This innovation from the recent trends in e-commerce helps it work much faster and simpler while also appearing as a forward-thinking company in the eyes of its customers.

Voice Search

If the prospect of losing a great number of customers in this and the upcoming years frightens you, you’d better start considering such trends in e-commerce industry as voice search compatibilities. The current researches show that the popularity of voice-activated devices keeps on rapidly growing and quite soon most businesses will turn to it. Among the brands taking these latest e-commerce trends seriously are Costco, Target, Staples, Kohl’s, Walgreens, etc. Walmart, meanwhile, is already making use of the voice search recent trends in e-commerce. Its customers can already order products by voice on the Google Express. These innovations can be included in mobile e-commerce trends and e-commerce technology trends equally as the voice search is mobile compatible and implies the use of new techs.

Quality Videos

Making a purchase online doesn’t make a buyer not inquire about all the details of the product. Hence, so that your online store can compete with a land-based one and even surpass it, answer all their questions digitally – through a video. Premium-quality videos are the latest e-commerce technology trends that can appeal directly to clients’ emotions. In fact, videos are much more convincing than descriptive texts and even images. They can display a product’s design and functionality thus giving answers to thousands of questions beforehand a client may want to give. These trends in the e-commerce industry are already actively implemented by an Australian baby stroller company Redsbaby.

Quick Delivery

The competition between brands is becoming harsher year by year. The latest e-commerce trends have made it even more difficult for smaller brands to have their place under the sun. Next-day delivery has become a crucial part of recent trends in e-commerce and businesses have to meet their clients’ demands. If not, they can turn to another company who can ship their orders more quickly. For instance, Amazon has built shipping centers near several big cities and can now ensure a same-day delivery. And Google Shopping Express is going to launch the same services in the nearest future. As we can see, although such mobile e-commerce trends can be quite costly, people turn to be ready to pay extra money to have their goods at their places within a day.
These were the major trends in the e-commerce industry every business should be aware of. Adhere to them, don’t be afraid to make investments and you’ll reach a success.