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Marketing automation can bring your online store 60% more leads, 50% more lead nurturing and sales revenue, 30% better customer engagement. Although Magento 2 has not bad default marketing and promotion features, there’s a huge gap between its out-of-box functionality and third-party extensions. Today, I’ll guide you through the best Magento 2 marketing extensions that will expand your marketing & sales possibilities.

Top Marketing Extensions for Magento 2


Marketing & Sales Suite by Mageworx

Mageworx offers the ultimate solution to automate daily marketing tasks. The suite includes numerous marketing and sales solutions you can purchase separately or as a bundle. The marketing and Sales Suite includes:

Better product reviews. The feature allows you to add more options for shoppers to leave their feedback and make reviews on your website more informative. The functionality includes a star rating graph, displaying the total number of reviews, an opportunity for customers to attach images, filtering options, verified reviews, and other features.

Pop-up & email reminders to collect reviews. Store admins can set the conditions to trigger pop-up or email reminders to collect customer feedback using pre-designed templates.   

Custom personalized discounts. Mageworx’s solution allows empowering your marketing campaigns by setting cart rules and discount coupons for specific customers (e.g., based on money spent, the amount of bought products within a specified period, etc.).

Product countdown timers. This feature is a must-have for any promotional campaign. The sense of urgency pushes customers to make their purchase decisions faster, especially when the price is hot. Mageworx offers online store owners catching animated countdown timers on product pages. This timer will work within a period you set in the admin panel. Moreover, you can disable the timer for specific customer groups or store views.

Stock status. Show your customers how many products are currently available by displaying stock level status on the product pages.

Core Features

  • Extended product reviews
  • Pop-up and email reminders to collect customer feedback
  • Recent sales notifications
  • Product countdown timers
  • Personalized discounts
  • Stock status display
  • Rewards program functionality
  • Mobile-responsiveness
  • 20+ animated templates for countdown timers
  • 40+ designs for recent sales notifications pop-ups
  • 6 templates for review reminders

Overall, the Marketing & Sales Suite by Mageworx will improve your team’s productivity, reduce human errors, and help track your marketing campaigns more effectively.


Product Labels by Amasty 

A lack of product information is one of the reasons why shoppers make their purchase decisions slower. Product labels allow merchants to highlight their products in the crowd, motivating customers to purchase them. With the help of Amasty’s solution, you’ll be able to add the next product labels:

  • Free delivery;
  • Discounted products;
  • Special promotions;
  • New arrivals;
  • Hot deals, and more.

The extension allows store admins to use more than 30 conditions to display product labels (e.g., if stock is higher than X, etc.). Besides, you can set a time frame to display specific labels.

Furthermore, this solution provides merchants with customization possibilities. Store admins can:

  • Use the labels gallery;
  • Create custom designs;
  • Use text as a label;
  • Promptly edit label options in the grid;
  • Preview the edits;
  • Display labels in widgets.

Also, you can display specific labels to particular customer groups and manage them using API methods. It will help your store admins to save, delete, and retrieve labels using the ID.

Overall, these are just some of its remarkable features. However, even they already make this solution one of the best Magento 2 marketing extensions.

Need Help to Install the Extension?

Product Alerts by Mageplaza

When customers hunt popular or limited products at hot prices, they often see them already sold. Naturally, it causes customer frustration and revenue losses. Why not notify online shoppers when products get back in stock or when their pricing is changing?

Core Features: 

  • Out-of-stock notifications;
  • Price change alerts;
  • Automated/manual email notification;
  • Product request analytics;
  • Notifications for unregistered customers;
  • Emails customization.

Mageplaza’s Product Alerts helps online merchants to reach out to customers and stay in touch with them.  When customers see an out-of-stock product, a pop-up will ask them to share the contact information to notify them about the latest stock and price changes.

The extension allows you to send notification emails to the subscribed customers both manually and automatically. The feature will help your brand to enhance customer experience and loyalty. The solution has no limitations to the type of products you apply the alerts. Moreover, you can restrict this functionality to specific customer groups.

As a bonus, the extension allows you to customize the alerts with no limitations. Store admins can edit the following:

  • Text;
  • Font;
  • Color;
  • Size;
  • Position of the product alerts.

Follow Up Email by Aheadworks

Follow-up emails are great when you want to bring better-qualified customers to your online store. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to send them manually. Aheadworks designed a solution that provides merchants with numerous possibilities to build advanced communication with online customers.

Core Features:

  • 8 events to trigger follow-up emails;
  • A/B testing;
  • Email templates;
  • Detailed analytics;
  • Targeting conditions;
  • Intuitive campaign management.

The extension allows marketing and sales managers to set up specific rules to trigger follow-up emails. Available trigger events:

  • Customer’s Birthday;
  • Cart abandonment
  • Order status changes
  • Registration;
  • Specific activity;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Submission review;
  • Changes in a customer’s wishlist.

The solution has built-in A/B testing as it offers marketing teams an intuitive layout with performance metrics at hand to find the best option to run your campaigns. Available metrics:

  • Click rate
  • Number of sent emails
  • Open rate

Furthermore, the extension provides store managers with personalization functionality. For example, marketing specialists can add relevant content to emails bringing them a personal touch:

  • Restore customers’ shopping carts right from the email;
  • Offer coupon codes and other saving options to motivate customers to make purchases;
  • Unsubscribe from such emails.

This extension will be a great assistant for your Marketing & Sales Department due to easy configuration, performance tracking, and template creation.


Affiliate by Mirasvit

The majority of affiliate marketing platforms charge agent fees that make AM programs not as attractive. The extension by Mirasvit eliminates the drawbacks of AM, making your program easy to manage and more beneficial. The solution facilitates joining your program for your potential affiliates.

Core Features:

  • 4 types of promotional programs (pay-per-sale, per-pay-click, pay-per-lead, pay-per-impression);
  • 4 options for affiliate materials placement (referral links, banners, widgets, coupons);
  • Transaction history and balance overview;
  • Analytics;
  • Easy commission withdrawal options.

Affiliate by Mirasvit has everything to provide your affiliates with a smooth withdrawal of earnings using PayPal or Skrill. Moreover, affiliate program managers can also set a minimum amount of payments, making these withdrawals available when a specific amount is reached.

Furthermore, the solution includes built-in analytics for tracking your affiliate programs. With the help of this tool, store managers can:

  • Overview of most active affiliates;
  • See the whole list of affiliates;
  • Access visits, revenue, and commissions;
  • Analyze the performance (banner clicks, impressions, CTR).

All in all, the extension brings an advanced solution to launch and run an effective affiliate program.

Julietta Kasparova

Julietta Kasparova

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