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Remote work and lockdown have changed the daily life of all companies. All of us began to spend less time in the offices, communicate with teammates mainly via social networks or Slack. Everyone in our team has missed each other terribly, so we’ve decided to have a corporate event last week, taking all the precautionary measures.

Our general manager always chooses not ordinary ways for team building. We were already kayaking, rock climbing, last time our team went on a ride in the sky. I compiled the impressions of our team on the idea of getting up in the sky and the event itself. Fasten seat belts we’re taking off.

Artem, General Manager

Every person dreams to have a flight at least once in life. The reasons vary from seeing the world with a head in the clouds or piloting the plane, to get adrenaline and thrills. I guess, there are no indifferent people to planes. I was watching the team during the event, and I found that almost everyone enjoyed the idea. It’s the experience you want to share and discuss with others, it’s cool.

However, the next time we’ll do something more cooperative as flights are more individual experience. I prefer when team building includes cooperation, overcoming challenges together, etc. Maybe next time we’ll consider an obstacle course or building a house.

IMG_9343 TaleSpin: Mobecls Team Reaches New Heights

Alex, Marketing Specialist/Copywriter

When I heard about what we were going to do, my liver almost fell out. Skydiving and plane riding, oh my gosh, it was a sheer shock for me. The best company party for those who have acrophobia and a fear of flying. Nevertheless, I was ready to come on board and fight my fears.

However, we were waiting for good weather for too long, and I got sick, so I had to miss this event. Watching photos, interviewing my teammates, and writing this text — that was the only thing left for me. Am I disappointed? I guess just a little. The saddest thing was that I missed the opportunity to see everyone.

IMG_9259 TaleSpin: Mobecls Team Reaches New Heights

Rita, SEO/Marketing Specialist

I liked the idea at once when I heard it. Every time I get on a plane, I dream about seeing the land from a cockpit, not through a porthole. Finally, my dream came true. Moreover, I’ve always wanted to try skydiving. When the boss offered us to ride the sky, I realized that it was the opportunity I was waiting for for a long time.

The best thing about the event was the emotions I got. This experience will stay with you for the rest of your life. I also think that you become closer to people with whom you get through this. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a psychological phenomenon — common extremal experience bonds people harder.

The flight was exciting. It was the first time I saw a sunset through the plane’s window. Moreover, we were flying above a picturesque lake, and it was magnificent. However, when the pilot was doing different stuff like in TaleSpin, my vestibular system was crying. I need to consider some training.

Tanya, Project Manager

I’ve been working at Mobecls for two months, and it was the first time when I met the team in real life. Until then, I was communicating with them only via Slack or video conferences. It’s convenient, but it has nothing in common with a live dialogue. I wanted to leave the virtual world for a while. That’s why I accepted the idea enthusiastically. Skydiving, bar, picnic, whatever, I would have joined any option.

Getting on a plane was cool, lot’s of drive and thrills, picturesque landscapes and gorgeous clouds. As we were flying individually (of course, with a top-notch driver), there was a lot of time to talk to my new colleagues between flights. I was like a fish in the water, which means I joined a cozy team!

Igor, Design

I didn’t expect that pleasure flights would include aerobatics. I guess no one was expecting it. In general, it was excellent, although I wasn’t ready for loops. By the way, I was the first one who experienced these ‘pleasure flights’, and loops were a total surprise for me. The next ‘pilots’ could prepare for them mentally, but I didn’t have this opportunity.

The only thing I disliked was that the flights were individual. Someone was always in the sky, so we couldn’t do anything altogether. Moreover, the breaks between flights were too long, and the waiting list was quite long. I guess it was frustrating for someone. As I was one of the few who had a car, I didn’t like the way to our destination, as I almost destroyed my car’s suspension. However, these are just little things I had a great time.

IMG_8990 TaleSpin: Mobecls Team Reaches New Heights

Anton, Dev

At first, I was skeptical about flights, but in practice, the idea turned out to be great. It’s a cool option to escape routine, negative thoughts, and get a ton of new emotions. I wasn’t ready for aerobatics, so I asked the pilot to fly gently. I thought he would satisfy my desire, but he still made a couple of sharp turns.

I’m not a big fan of attractions. All these aero tricks make me feel uncomfortable. However, I enjoyed my flight a lot. Sometimes I even think that I should do it again. It was also cool to see my teammates and have a live talk. During the pandemic, moments like these are precious.

Igor, Project Manager

I’ve never had such extreme corporate events before! I’ve got so many thrills that I could hardly eat after the flight, though I was starving before it. The instructor recommended not to have any meals before the flight. I guess there’s no need to explain why.

I’ve been working at Mobecls for a couple of months, and I can say that the team is good. I had a feeling that we had been working together for ages. I must give extra thanks for our dinner. The grill was delicious!

Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls