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Social media marketing is a whole range of activities to attract attention to the brand. And this is not so much a creative as a stream of routine tasks that need to be solved every day. To increase the efficiency of a specialist, suitable tools have been created for each stage.

SMM kit includes tools for searching and selecting the target audience, user analysis, statistics collection. Also, an SMM specialist will benefit from services for planning and publishing posts, automatic promotion, which use mass likes and followers.

Social Media Tools for Magento Stores

Automated Publications

Publbox and Amplifr are must-have services for scheduling publications.

Publbox helps to adjust the schedule as a whole: it sets up a content plan for your goals, offers topics for publications. There is a free version, but all features are available for $9 per month. The cost of Amplifr to maintain one account in social networks is $ 5 a month.

Inside Amplifr, you can immediately create a post and upload pictures. Or immediately form a project that combines several social network accounts. This allows you to use cross-posting and significantly save time.

The service is suitable for those who want to work in a team. You can distribute access to colleagues and clients, reduce the length of links, import tables with publications from XLS, manage the schedule and view statistics.

Targeting an Audience is the classic and convenient services for parsing the audience. They help to set up an advertising campaign so that it works more efficiently. With its help, you can show advertisements to the active audience. The service is paid.

Audience, Competitors and Mentions Analysis

Popsters help analyze pages on, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. This is especially useful at the stage of building a strategy: it helps to analyze the tastes and interests of the audience, to probe a niche.

You can study competitors and make reports for your pages. The service helps to track the best time and days for posting, current headings, shows the results for the desired period. The cost for the full package is $49.99 per month. There is also a trial period.

The service has one big disadvantage: the application sends approximate, not exact statistics. The reports are paid, depending on the number of people in the group. If there are many bots in the group, the report will be incorrect. Therefore, be sure to check the percentage of live users in a group.

LikeAlyzer is a handy tool for analyzing Facebook pages. It has few features, but it gives advice on how to improve page efficiency. Excellent at the initial stage as a checklist for setting up a public of brand. The service is free.

JagaJam is a service that helps you track your brand analytics. But the main advantage is that it collects statistics on trends, ranking regional and industry reports on social networks in various sectors, to learn about upcoming events.

Hashtag Performance

Brand24 provides real-time access and it is suitable for all social networks. You can identify opinion leaders with a high potential level of influence, get a detailed analysis of the mentions used (positive, negative, neutral), check the speed of responses and reactions to user messages.


  • reasonable price (prices from $ 49 to $ 399);
  • responsive support service;
  • unique analytics (the opportunity to ask questions in a quick search, an assessment of the overall coverage, interactive analytics);
  • available on iOS and Android;
  • post-paid service is an opportunity to pay for the Brand24 after its using.


  • there are restrictions on the number of keywords;
  • there is no division into photos and videos, as different sources, everything is recorded under 1 channel, which makes the analysis of the results obtained more cumbersome;
  • the archive only stores data for a year, which can be inconvenient for brands that manage social media campaigns for a longer period of time.

Mention is a multi-service social media monitoring and tracking service that tracks hashtags in real time. You can receive any information about online search data or a daily summary of hashtag references for the previous day.

In addition to obtaining standard data on coverage and repost, you can also get internal statistics about opinion leaders, the frequency and number of hashtags used, and much more.

With the ability to set tasks and delegation, Mention allows the entire marketing team to work simultaneously. You can also receive customized user reports and impact statistics for specific hashtag campaigns.


  • finding related stories in your hashtag;
  • available in apps on Android, iOS, and Windows;
  • separation of positive and negative references through tonality analysis;
  • 14-days free version is available.


  • an algorithm for the internal prioritization of certain mentions, which may cause time and resource costs.

Chat Bots

Flow XO. In the Flow XO service, you can create more “advanced” bots for Slack, Messenger, Telegram and other platforms. Programming skill is not necessary. Flow XO has many integration options: it can be embedded in JIRA, Buffer and GitHub services, which will facilitate communication both with clients and within the team.

Meokay. This multiplatform service is suitable for those who already know how to code a little, but not yet full of hands. In Meokay, you can create many dialogue scripts so that the bot can lead a livelier conversation. Technical support will help beginner developers to create a bot. The strength of the service is speed. You can create a bot in minutes. Another feature of the service is the processing of natural language and the use of deep learning. They help the bot to lead a much livelier conversation, not limited to primitive responses. This is not the budget solution – the optimal set of functionalities without restrictions costs $299 per month. The bot can be integrated with Twitter, Slack, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Zendesk and even the Salesforce CRM system.

Create Media

Pablo. Service from the creators of Buffer can combine photos with text. It is convenient to create simple posts.

Using the service starts with 5 steps mini-tutorial. The range of more than 800,000 images on different topics, and it is possible to upload your own. Ready-made templates are presented in different sizes, depending on the social network: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Creating images is very simplified, you can apply filters to the original images. If you want to impose your own logo, the service provides its uploading. In this case, you can change its size and move through the source.

PicMonkey is a popular online picture maker. The service contains basic functionality for editing your own pictures or submitted templates. The tools are divided into 4 categories: design, editing, retouching, and collage.

The parameters “design” and “editing” are practically the same. Both have the same functionality: effects, elements, adding text, overlays, frames, themes, etc.

Retouching is designed to work with photos of people. There are tools for visual correction of eyes, lips, skin and the rest. You can eliminate excess stains or blush. In the free version, there is a tool that visually makes a person slimmer. There are ready-made templates for creating collages, but you can create your own.

Canva has quite a few areas in the graphics section for social networks. However, regardless of exactly what you want to create a post for an Instagram or a banner for a YouTube header, the creation process is divided into 4 main steps:

  • Template selection is a huge library of ready-made templates created by professional designers from around the world;
  • Choosing of elements: a diverse gallery of images, but also a collection of labels, badges and many pictures on any subject;
  • Adding text: At this stage, there are also design patterns that combine several font styles that you can use;
  • Background: This is the final stage of creating a design. The service works the principle of superposition of layers and elements of different transparency, which look good in combination with each other.


To achieve your goals with the help of promotion in social networks, you need to hang on in there. It is important not only to find and attract an audience via Social media – you need to hold it, constantly fueling interest.

This will help with planning and regularity. Analysis and statistics will help find bottlenecks and improve the quality and present the content. Automation of routine processes will allow devoting more time to the creative component. The conclusion is obvious – full and effective work is impossible without the use of specialized tools.