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Coronavirus continues spreading all over the world and taking millions of lives. On July 10th, there are more than 12 million confirmed cases. Unfortunately, these figures continue to grow. The particularly grave situation is in the USA due to 3.17 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. As almost all of our clients live and work in the USA, our company wants to support not only their businesses but contribute to saving the lives of fellow Americans.

Support Doctors Without Borders

Our team has donated to an international humanitarian medical non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders (DWB). DWB provides care for people threatened by epidemics, natural disasters, war conflicts, neglect, and violence.

In the USA, DWB is partnering with local health care organizations and working on:

  • Improvement of infection prevention and control measures;
  • Providing medical assistance to the homeless, poor people, Native American Communities;
  • Identifying health facilities in need of infection prevention and control measures;
  • Providing doctors with the necessary equipment, etc.

Be careful and don’t forget about infection preventive measures as masks and social distancing. We believe that together we can do more to stop the disease!

Doctors-Without-Borders-Donation Mobecls Cares Every Person’s Health

Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls