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Finally, we made a deal! Viktoriya Gydum joins our team as a new e-commerce manager.  

14 years in Tech sphere, 5+ years of Magento and retailing experience. Viktoriya has been into developing since the beginning of her professional career. She has come a long way to join us, starting from configuring CNC woodworking machines to becoming a top-notch e-commerce manager who accomplished more than 40 Magento projects. She’s honed her management skill by development and managing her own clothing store and wedding website. She has 5 + years of experience in managing remote teams and performing public speeches. She’s well-known for being a speaker at ThinkStage’18 Kiev and other conferences.

It’s sheer luck that we’ve managed to sign Viktoriya. It was a real transfer madness. Fortunately, I had some solid game changers to win over her. I’m 100 % sure that our partnership will be beneficial for our clients and the whole company. Artem Pugachev, General Manager @ Mobecls, Ltd

On the International Women’s Day, we’ll release a great interview with Viktoriya. Watch for updates!

About: Mobecls Ltd. is Magento development company that was created in 2010 in Minsk, Belarus by experienced developers, marketers, and SEO-specialists. We united our skills and knowledge to create new kind of service – intelligent Magento development. It means that we provide development service, built specifically for your business, which takes into account your business model and market changes. Knowledge in different e-commerce spheres makes it possible to provide complex solutions with an exceptionally high rate of success and impact on your business. We have more than 90 000 hours of Magento issues resolving experience and solved more than 8 000 projects. We never stop to enrich our knowledge base as well as share experience with our clients.

Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls