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n the furniture category, a certain type of search request prevails. That is, people google “buy a black leather sofa”, but almost never ask “buy a sofa XP 4474hf”. That is, there is almost no product demand. This feature makes the whole subject strongly competitive since it is necessary to promote a limited number of categories.

It is also worth mentioning another difficulty – a lot of requests in this topic have a mixed intent. That is, neither commercial nor informational are expressed. That is why the competition is intensifying in SERP search engine is very interesting. At first glance, various blogs and large interior sites with a range of photographs and articles are shown for commercial requests in google.

Online Furniture Store: Internal Site Optimization

Since the furniture is a non-standard product, and it has many options, modifications, and colors, it is very important to organize the product cards correctly in order not to get tens and thousands of duplicates.

When optimizing product furniture product listings, it is very important to understand whether the text on this page is needed or not. The text is needed for many categorical requests. But text content with a large number of keywords can only lower your site in search results.

Tagging is perhaps the main driver of traffic growth on most furniture sites. Since the competition for categorical requests is very large and it’s not a fact that you will immediately be able to push the key phrase “buy a sofa” to the top, it is worth looking in the direction of more refined requests and creating tag pages. It is better to promote requests like “corner leather sofa”, “black sofa with cushions ” or “bed with a box for linen” and receive high conversion traffic than not push anything.

The optimal strategy is to take into work two categories of the site with different competition – one very competitive, and the second – with low competition. Thus, if competitive requests will long “crawl” to the TOP, requests from less competitive categories will bring you traffic and sales.

What scheme of work to choose?

For the promotion of furniture online store, the optimal scheme will be the “traffic” scheme and that is why:

  • Such a scheme motivates optimizers to work on categories with different competition, and not just to bring to the TOP noncompetitive requests with low frequency;
  • Since this topic is moving mainly on HF and MF requests – traffic is the best indicator of success and skill.

How to make the store more user-friendly?

The extension of the landing pages through the filter is an efficient method, although many still do not use it. This is an effective way to promote the pages of narrow product offerings without creating a large fork, for example, «Living rooms> Armchairs> Leather armchairs» – which is available on many furniture store websites.

By using filters, you can optimize any number of pages with a large number of features – from material to color or style.

The key factors of a furniture marketing plan

For each furniture-related site that fights for the top spot, the following are needed:

  • Correct technical optimization;
  • No errors in the code, correctly placed meta tags, a well-chosen semantic core. If you follow the basic rules of SEO, you will find yourself in the top positions of the search results;
  • Up-to-date design;
  • Gradually, sites overloaded with various elements are sinking into oblivion. Resources with simple light design are a success – the look is not distracted by unnecessary details;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • The more convenient and informative the site, the better the behavioral factors. Place the information in the right places, make the buttons more noticeable, structure all the blocks.

What kind of ads to use?

To increase the flow of traffic and the number of buyers, you can use the following:

  • PPC (Pay per click) advertisement. The creation and placement of various advertisements in the open spaces of the network attract additional traffic to the site. Of course, contextual advertising is not for everyone: search engines have their own rules on this. But for furniture stores that is just the right size;
  • Advertising in social networks. Today, everyone spent much time social networks. And if the banners can be lost among similar ads of competitors, then your advertising will be more noticeable on the social network. By the way, social networks are not suitable for everyone either. But more on that later;
  • PR in the network. A great way to tell people about the brand. Especially if you are a beginner. What is online PR? Work with forums, thematic sites, bloggers, writing reviews and much more.

Furniture Social Media Marketing

Advertising in social networks is not suitable for those who are engaged in the production and wholesale of furniture. But if the retail, then social networks can and should be used.

People love beautiful pictures. To win the sympathy of users is easy when you post photos of luxury beautiful furniture.

Create a public on Facebook and regularly post new photos of your furniture. Do this necessarily in the background to some kind of interior. This immediately gives an idea of how your furniture will look in the house of every potential buyer. Under each post, add a link to the product on your web-store and make a short description. After several months, the percentage of traffic from the social network will increase significantly.

Do not forget about Instagram. Here you can organize viral advertising campaigns. Your task is to take care of high-quality photos and interesting captions. These two platforms are pillars of your marketing plan for furniture business.

Facebook Plan

  • Develop a strategy based on the analysis of your business, target audience and competitors.
  • Create a public on Facebook, create a unique design.
  • Work with text content. Prepare the plan for the first period in accordance with the trends of social networks (articles, tips, discussions). Fulfill the group with different content types (photo, video, audio, informational texts).
  • Testing. The first period is a test, track the reaction of users to each post. Their activity gives grounds for adjusting and optimizing the content plan and the overall strategy.
  • Work with the audience. Launch promotions, polls, and contests that increase audience engagement.
  • Project management. Monitor your public, communicating with users. Prepare the report on the creation and maintenance of your social network page.

Instagram Plan

  • Research. Analyze your whole project, study competitors and target audience. Develop a promotion strategy on Instagram.
  • Create an account. Prepare a content plan. Focus on creating beautiful high-quality photos and short video materialstrend hashtags, set up schedule posts.
  • Testing. Test the account and adjust the content plan if necessary.
  • Work with the audience. Launch some special events, create surveys and contests that increase the involvement of the audience.
  • Project management. Use mass-following and mass-liking, cooperate with popular accounts and bloggers to increase the number of interested users. Form account activity: likes, comments. Support users, answer questions, minimize negative.