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Action buttons allow visitors to interact with your site: when your visitors are interested in your brand, your content or your offers, it is the call-to-action, otherwise known as CTA, that allows them to materialize this interest. Even if it is a small element in size, it represents an essential door to conversion and that is why it is essential to optimize your CTAs.

How to Create Converting CTAs

Several elements must be taken into account when talking about CTA optimization: size, color, wording but also the context in which it is offered to visitors. I suggest you review the essential points to optimize for your CTAs.

A good CTA should:

  • Be understood easily 
  • Catch the visitor’s eye 
  • Allow the visitor to carry out the action for which he came to the site 

Think about customer needs and pains

People land on a website because they are often attracted to it by other means: advertising, newsletter, publication on social networks, web research, etc. It’s important to understand that your customers aren’t always on a page or digital tool just to shop. They also seek to learn, compare, understand, see, etc. We therefore recommend that you think carefully about the needs of your client . You will be able to detect the reason why it comes to your communication tool. His need is perhaps more refined: to compare products, buy an affordable gift, get a discount coupon or learn more about a product.

It is possible to lose sales if we do not reflect properly on the real need of the customer. On the one hand, you can be too aggressive. On the other hand, you can miss a sale. It’s a question of dosage and unfortunately there is no perfect recipe.

So, the trick is to write several hooks and give them functions: sell, inform, subscribe, redirect, etc. Make a list of possible actions on your site and then select the most important to you.

Make your CTA clear for customers

The call to action should dictate a course of action for the user. The clearer the action to be taken, the more effective the conversion rate will be. It’s not recommended to create a call to action that will attract a lot of people, but won’t convert.


More direct and drier. Gives a very clear indication and will have a higher conversion rate, because the road is fast towards the goal.


Less direct and softer. Gives a clear indication that will have a lower conversion rate, as the road to the goal requires more steps.


Personally, we don’t like “best verbs to use” lists. We believe calls to action should be representative of the industry. They must evoke the brand as well as its way of approaching customers. TAKING CARE OF MY SKIN, MORE EQUAL COMPLEXION, UNDERSTANDING PIGMENT SPOTS are thus much more relevant CTAs for a pharmaceutical company that sells beauty products, for example.


Admittedly, DISCOVER , SHOP, or FOR MORE DETAILS are bland calls to action and the phrasing is generic. We invite you to find an original way to talk about your product and the benefits within your call to action. 


The user who goes to your platform will complete an average of 2 to 8 interactions before leaving your site. You need to be able to hook him for that short amount of time in order for him to click on your call to action. The problem is that users do not all take the same route, that is to say that if we could compare your website to a house, people would not all enter through your front door. To go further, not only the place of entry would be different, but also the objective once entering your house. Nice puzzle when you want to invite all these beautiful people there for supper, isn’t it?

It is recommended to make user paths for each type of customer and need. Navigation scenarios are thus drawn up through the website and peripheral tools (social networks, newsletter, emails, etc.). This will make it possible to target the call to action that will work best according to the user’s route.


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Julietta Kasparova

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