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Online retailers need to pay close attention to shopper behavior. If a user starts to place an order on the company’s website, adds products to the cart, but exits the process before the transaction, you lose sales and potential customers.

A large number of abandoned carts is not a verdict, but one of those problems you need to resolve as fast as possible. Ideally, it is worth conducting a CRO audit that identifies existing problems.

Why Do Potential Customers Abandon Carts?

The second step to getting closer to solving the problem is to understand why people abandon their carts and do not pay for the order. Let’s start with the most common reasons that have resulted in abandoned carts.

  1. Mistrust. Insufficient awareness of the company among target audiences, lack of reviews, stock photos, uninformative “About Us” page – all this combined makes the user doubt and he will most likely make a purchase from a more popular company, even if the price is higher. To eliminate this factor from the risk zone, use our list of trust triggers for online stores and the conversion on the site will increase.
  2. Expensive delivery. It often happens that the buyer can see the shipping cost only at the stage of ordering. If it is too high, then most likely the person will go looking for a more profitable option. Here the decision will depend on the capabilities of the company. If you can make free shipping available to everyone, great, customers will definitely be happy. If this is not possible, then give the person a specific algorithm of actions to make his order more profitable. 
  3. Poor UX Design. If in order to order, you need to perform 100,500 actions and leave the store a lot of personal data, including the name of the dog, then the problem of abandoned carts is quite natural. Review all the checkout steps and make them as easy as possible. If you can leave two fields with a name and a phone number to fill out, then feel free to do it.
  4. Mandatory registration. This point could be combined with the previous one, but I would like to emphasize this at this stage. Many users abandon their shopping carts if they are required to verify by SMS or email.
  5. Lack of intent. You will be surprised, but for so many people, surfing the internet is just a leisure activity. They select and store items without a clear purchase intention. From the pros – they can be turned into clients. Time-limited offers, gifts, really great discounts, and promotions can be used to stimulate. We deliberately use the phrase “really profitable” here, since this type of user is well aware of the prices for the products they are viewing and will definitely not overpay.

How Can You Reduce the Number of Abandoned Carts?

Everything is individual and depends primarily on the reasons for the growth of abandoned carts on the website of the online store. Generally speaking, there are the main points related to checkout, the improvement of which will help to reduce the number of abandoned carts on the site.

Full Price Transparency

Confusing pricing has always been a major obstacle to completing a sale. More than a third of the baskets were abandoned due to unexpected additional costs, delivery that was not clearly visible. Creating an overall crystal clear price should increase the customer’s chances of fulfilling their order.

Guest Checkout

Asking a new customer to create an account is often the reason for canceling a sale. Thus, offering customers the option to register as a guest is a great way to increase conversions. Once the transaction is complete, you can ask them if they would like to create an account to make their next visit faster and more efficient.

Ensure Payment Security

Increasingly, cybercrime is targeting mobile devices, which means consumers are wary of making payments they are unsure about being safe. You must make it clear that the verification process uses the latest security technologies and does not ask for personal information.

Facilitate Checkout Process

Many consumers complain that the verification processes they face are complex and confusing. Think about how you can reduce the steps required to complete a purchase to the absolute minimum. Is your verification process one-click as well as one-click on mobile devices?

Offer Discount Codes

Often a customer comes to your store because they have a discount code. It is very important that he can easily apply this code to get the promotion he is interested in. Make it clear where you need to insert the code, and then instantly reflect the discount in the cart summary. This should ensure that the customer stays involved and moves quickly to checkout and checkout.

Provide Seamless Mobile Experience

In-app purchases offer consumers the fastest and most efficient checkouts possible. As a result, in-app ordering costs are now higher than desktop or mobile viewing. If your business uses apps, make sure in-app purchases are as seamless as possible so that they can get three times the conversions they can deliver on a mobile browser.

Personalize Checkout Experience

Greeting a returning customer by name and using previous purchase history to initiate discounts, personalized services, and other loyalty benefits is a proven way to reduce cart abandonment. However, be careful not to bombard them with offers, as this could backfire.

Investing in website development, paying attention to customer behavior, and closer personal connections with customers, ultimately results in fewer abandoned carts, higher cart value, and long-term loyalty.

Want to Boost Checkout Experience and Drive More Sales? 

Julietta Kasparova

Julietta Kasparova

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