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Gen Z born between 1996 and 2012 now make up 20 percent of the population. If you are still focused on millennials, it’s time to start paying attention to a new generation of consumers. Each generation has its character traits. These most often arise from the environment or economic context in which we operate. Generation Z is a generation that lives with technology.

How to Reach Gen Z Customers to Make Online Sales

Generation Z is certainly very disparate. However, some references exist to bring it together. Here are some strategies that can capture the attention and boost the shopping experience for Gen Z customers.

Set Up a Mobile-Friendly and Well-Stocked Site

One of the common characteristics of Generation Z is that they need to gather as much information as possible. eCommerce sites must have easy navigation and provide all the necessary data to help make purchase decisions fast. 9 to 25-year-olds tend to make buying decisions quickly, and the lack of available information impacts the customer experience. Since Generation Z is part of the working population, sites must adapt to their mobility. Platforms that are easily accessible on smartphones and can be consulted anywhere and at any time are the ideal solutions.

Use Multi-Channel Strategies and Social Networks

The presence on social networks is now at the heart of the marketing strategies of all companies. However, it is not enough to be just on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is also about being dynamic and active. Animating the community and creating attractive and regular content are essential keys to ensuring success on social networks where Generation Z is omnipresent and hyperactive. eCommerce companies must work on their brands through the various channels to attract the maximum audience.

Reach Out Influencers

Gen Z knows that when they watch an influencer’s review on a makeup brush or a new gadget, they’ve been supplied with it for free or paid for their time – but they also appreciate the honest review that supports it. Advertising tries to convince us that a product is the best choice. A good influencer offers a middle ground where they point out both pros and cons, allowing people to make up their minds.

Deliver Clear and Simple Messages

Gen Z wants things to be crystal clear. They don’t want to trudge through content to get what they’re looking for. Simplify your content and media message, and use data, stats, and video to get your point across. Keep on clear posts supported by visuals such as charts or imagery, keep videos short and to the point, and don’t be afraid to conduct your own research into the market to share with your consumers.


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Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

Partnership Manager at Mobecls who is really passionate about eCommerce and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and products.