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We’re all stuck at our homes for almost 3 months. I guess those people who used to work remotely before the quarantine didn’t notice any changes. The same cannot be said about the prevailing part of Mobecls staff. I’ve interviewed some of my co-workers to find out who has totally gone mad, whether they like remote work, what challenges they have, their tips on remote work optimization, and relaxing. Are you ready for some insides? Then, let’s get started.

Igor, UX/UI Designer

P00528-163206-scaled Confessions of Mobecls Team: Desk Jockeys Surviving the Lockdown

What is the most difficult thing about working remotely? 

I lack feedback. Sometimes it’s hard to explain and clearly show the way I’ve solved one or another issue. It takes time and holds up my work. The next point is concentration, You should teach yourself to avoid any distractions, happening outside your monitor. Endless housekeeping, TV series on full blast, my family knows how to get in the way of my work.

Besides the work, all my refresher courses have also switched to online mode, which is not perfect. Studying online is not as easy as I thought. It has the same problem, which is lack of feedback. My tutor sends me an enormous amount of tasks and contacts me only twice a week.

What frustrates you most?  

I almost forgot what it is to live offline. Everything has become online, starting from work and studying to my friends. I spend all my days in front of my computer, and this atmosphere sucks. In the evenings, I usually wear my gas mask, arm myself with sanitizers, and have a walk to relax. Ok, I’ve lied, I have no gas mask, just sanitizers.

What do you miss most on the quarantine? 

Live communication, preferably not about work. I’m fed up with my father who asks me only about my work, how many tasks I’ve completed during the day, and when I’ll buy him a new car. Don’t get me wrong, he’s just trolling, it’s ok) Of course, I also miss my team, the office atmosphere, small talks during the breaks, my office computer with a minefield of obscure files which deletion may delete all your tasks.

Artem, General Manager

What is the most irritating in working remotely for so long? 

The only thing that makes me mad is a FRIDGE! No more comments.

Can you share some tips on optimizing the working processes at home? 

Find the most comfortable space where you can place all the necessary things like a laptop, notebook, books to have short breaks, water and biscuits. However, you shouldn’t put biscuits in visual range as they will distract you too often!

You can also divide the space into several zones – a zone for work, calls, relax, thinking. I recommend you to change them among themselves for better effect. It works well for me. I’ve also made a small feng shui garden with ladybirds that helps me to relax.

Go to a bathroom only when you can’t hold anymore. Unnecessary movements significantly slow down the working process and you have a risk of getting your attention stolen by someone or something else (FRIDGE!).

My last piece of advice is not to let your family drag you into small talks. It’d better schedule them)

What has changed during the lockdown? 

I can’t say that it has impacted me somehow. However, I spend more time with my children and it’s cool.


What do you miss most on the quarantine? 

I miss the chemistry of office work. I like to see when my team cooperates to complete a task, even if during the process they go nuts, disagree with each other, can’t make concessions. All in all, they overcome challenges and find resolutions. Simply put, I miss the office liveliness that remote work lacks.

Anton, DevOps

anton Confessions of Mobecls Team: Desk Jockeys Surviving the LockdownEven before the lockdown, you were working remotely more than in the office. I guess you haven’t noticed any changes, have you? 

Yep, that’s right, I find remote work more productive. At least you don’t need to waste time getting to the office in the mornings. This time I spend on learning something new, reading the latest tech articles or newsletters, it often helps me to get new ideas. That’s why I get to work a bit late, but there is no problem as I’m a night owl. I often work late evenings or even at night.

Although I had been working remotely before the corona outbreak, I was coming to the office from time to time to discuss work issues or just talk to my friends in a lively atmosphere. That’s what I miss the most during the lockdown. However, maybe I should unlock my webcam to revitalize our video conferences)

Rita, Marketing and SEO Specialist

rita Confessions of Mobecls Team: Desk Jockeys Surviving the LockdownDo you like remote work? 

It’s much easier for me to work from home due to the ideal silence that helps me to concentrate on my tasks. However, the beginning of the lockdown was awful. My laptop crashed, and I couldn’t get the necessary details as all borders were closed. I had to shell out to buy a new one. By the way, the crashed one is ok now, but It took 3 months to fix it…..

What is the most difficult thing in remote work?

I guess the most difficult thing for me is to eat on time. I often throw myself into work and forget about fueling myself. When you are hungry, you lose concentration, and your thoughts become a total mess. If you have such a problem, set the alarm to have something.

How has the lockdown changed you? 

These 2 months have changed me a lot. I’ve begun to think more clearly thanks to the lack of informational noise. I’ve also realized that sometimes it’s useful to limit and dose communication. The social environment significantly impacts your psycho-emotional state.

I’ve got more time for my hobbies, especially for drawing and books. I’ve painted several pictures on paper and one on canvas.


pic-scaled Confessions of Mobecls Team: Desk Jockeys Surviving the LockdownBefore the lockdown, I used to spend a lot of time shopping. Right now I buy everything online, and it takes an hour but not a day. I find it ironic, but I’ve become closer with some of my colleagues. I like it when they type or call me to ask ”How are you doing?”. It rarely happened before.

What do you miss most on the quarantine? 

I miss the people’s appearance) Seeing a person in a video chat and in front of you is heaven and earth. Each individual has a unique energy and I’m lacking the energy of other people. By the way, If you know a video chat that can convey the hotness of my co-workers, give me a link.

Julietta, Sales Manager

july Confessions of Mobecls Team: Desk Jockeys Surviving the LockdownWhat is the most difficult thing about working remotely? 

Keeping an agenda is my stumbling block. The problem is that routine and easy tasks require more time as my team isn’t at hand. One more problem is that it’s hard for me to stop working and finish the day. Time is running different at my home, like on that planet from Interstellar.

Can you share some tips on optimizing the working processes at home? 

I’m still finding a way to organize the ideal remote work. I hope to return to the office as soon as possible. Please, get me out of here! I need help!!

How has the lockdown changed you? 

I’ve learned to appreciate things that I used to take for granted. For example, the time that I spend with my family, friends, and colleagues. I’ve realized how it’s important for me to communicate with people, share them with my emotions and energy.

Office or remote work? 

My choice is the office. First of all, I can’t live without communication. It’s so cool to be a part of a small society, share news, thoughts, feelings. Moreover, colleagues always help you with professional growth and self-development. When I see my co-workers reach certain heights, it stimulates me to work more and move forward. Furthermore, working back to back helps to catch the corporate idea and understand the goals of the whole team.

I would also say that the office is a better place for negotiations. It’s easier to choose the right time for a talk or a communication strategy. For example, when you see that your co-worker isn’t in a good mood or busy, you can use a wide range of tactics like compliments and jokes to clear the air. Slack or video chats lack this opportunity.

Alex, Content Manager

I’m interviewing myself. I must already have gone nuts.

What is the most difficult thing in remote work? 

Planning. I hate plans. I always work intuitively and reactively. The reason is that I attract troubles. What plans can we talk about when your father and brother almost burn down all family property? Two weeks ago they were doing some housework and started a fire. Of course, I had to give up all the work and join the improvised fire brigade. Fortunately, the fire was an isolated incident. The others were not so thrilling.

The next point is concentration. I’ve moved to the countryside, and I found out that I like it. It’s so cool to work on the porch, listen to the singing birds, smell the flowering trees, and pet a dog from time to time. This environment is so relaxing that it took some time to adapt and find the right rhythm. I can’t say that I 100% handled it, but I’m getting better. If I had stayed within four walls, I would definitely go mad.

Describe your usual day.

I get up, cook breakfast, do some household stuff like watering a vegetable garden, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, etc. Only after these rituals, I start working. As I don’t plan my days, I can finish the work at 7, 8, 9, or 10 p.m. It doesn’t stop me from meeting my deadlines. In my spare time or during the breaks, I usually read, watch movies, have some walks in the forest with my dog. Sound like a perfect life, doesn’t it?

How has the lockdown changed you? 

I don’t know, I’ve grown a mustache) I guess I’ve also got a new dream. One day I’ll build my own house in the countryside, keep animals, plant a garden, and brew my beer.

Valeria, Contact Manager

Describe your usual day. 

My mornings are the same as before the lockdown. I get up at 9 a.m., have breakfast and coffee. Usually, I work till 8-9 p.m. with small breaks for a stretch then I have a walk in the park to refresh thoughts. In the evenings, I usually text my family and friends, have small talks with my neighbors, and read. I guess I’ve found my ideal schedule.

Would you like to work this way further? 

I can’t say I like remote work more than the office. A month ago I would choose the office rather than working from home. At first, it was psychologically tough for me to switch to remote work. I was considering the office as a place for work and home as a place for a rest. Over time I found the right rhythm that changed my mind.  However, I’d prefer to combine the usual work with the remote one.

What is the most irritating in working remotely? 

My cat! My lovely cat who always tries to sit on my laptop to see what I’m doing there.

Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls