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  • Extension package for Magento 1.6

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Extension Features

  • redirect customers from simple product page to configurable product page.

Business Issue

On average, extra clicks decrease the conversion rate by 20%. Usually, these clicks occur because product pages lack information about the items. That’s why it’s vital to display product info smartly and clearly. United Configurable Products Extension for Magento will help customers to make their purchase decisions much faster.

Our solution allows online merchants to show both simple and configurable products in a catalog, helping customers facilitate the decision-making process. However, the extension guides customers to product pages with configurable items only. This way, you show customers what they were searching for and provide information on other product options you offer.


Upload the package for installation via Magento Connect. Then, open System>Configuration>MagenMagic Extensions>Simple to Configurable, and enable the extension.
Unite-Configurable-Products Simple to Configurable Product Link


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