Extended Log Cleaning Extension


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  • Extension package for Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • Select log files to be deleted (Dataflow/Export, Report/Indexes, Report/Event, custom additional files).
  • Delete or Truncate option for data deletion.

Business Issue

Log files may contain GBs of information that slows down Magento websites. That’s why it’s vital to clean log files periodically to sustain a fast work of a website. However, Magento doesn’t allow to select files to delete and schedule log cleaning.  Extended Log Cleaning extension for Magento expands the out-of-box functionality and allows scheduling log cleaning.


Upload the package via Magento Connect. Open System > Configuration > Advanced > System > Log > Configure the extension as you need
Extended-Log-Cleaning Our Magento Extended Log Cleaning extension for Magento websites


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