Performance Optimization for Magento 2

Checkout and Product Pages Load Speed Optimization, Mobile KPI Improvements


About Client

Golfdicount was founded in 1995 with the goal of becoming the premier destination for online golf clubs. The store offers a huge selection of golf equipment and is one of the most famous shops of this subject.


Performance Optimization


Sport equipment

Business Problem

Our client was facing a high cart abandonment rate (almost 63%) due to poor checkout experience and slow page loading. Initial performance audit discovered the next issues:

  • Poor server optimization
  • Tons of unnecessary scripts and modules
  • Badly optimized images 
  • Product pages were loading in 12 seconds 
  • Cache issues 
  • The same template for both desktop and mobile website versions
  • Mobile template was overwhelmed with unnecessary customizations
Business-Problem Performance Optimization for Golf Equipment Retailer


In order to speed up the load of product pages we did the following optimization: 

  • Examined all clients’ modules and switched off unnecessary ones.
  • Reduced the size of pictures bigger than 500kb.
  • Accomplished server and code optimization.
  • Installed and configured Varnish Cache (web application accelerator that cashes site’s content)
  • Disabled unnecessary js,css.
  • Optimized Amazon scripts. 
  • Optimized items that have more than 600 subsidiary products. We managed to boost their load by 7 sec on average.
approach Performance Optimization for Golf Equipment Retailer

Furthemore, we rewrote some queries of Promo and Shipping rules as they were causing heavy server load. As a result, the checkout page started to load in 0,9 sec, which is 300% faster than it was. The number of abandoned carts has become significantly lower.

In addition, we developed a lighter mobile template that was not burdened with extra function and code lines as the desktop version. It has become much faster and optimized. The fewer time customers spend to make a purchase the more satisfied they become. As a result, mobile conversion got to the same level as the desktop version. The new template also helped to enhance search visibility, user experience, lead generation and brand identity.


We managed to speed up the load of the checkout page by 300 % and made it load in 1 second. The deletion of unnecessary code lines and modules, server and scripts optimization, Varnish Cache installation allowed us to speed up the loading of product pages by 7 seconds (4 seconds instead of 12). A lighter mobile template improved user experience and website performance, which made the mobile conversion equal to the desktop conversion rate. 

Results Performance Optimization for Golf Equipment Retailer